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Multiple processes of chrome.exe

Late November prior to mothballing the office and going to Australia, one of the desktops here at design dpi was progressively getting slower and slower, crashing several times a week... even the infamous blue screen of death (BSOD) on rare occasion. It was becoming increasingly painful to work on, next to impossible at times.

The Power of the Twitter Machine

Today saw the official launch of for the talented Yorkshire based classical-crossover soprano. The launch not only reflects a fine example of the type of website re-design we do here at design dpi but also the power of social media, in this case how to use the Twitter Machine properly.

The Art of the Subtle Animated GIF

This healthy obsession with animated GIF's was already alluded to in a previous blog post, Guess Web Design for a Living Was Inevitable. The Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) was first seen in the wild in 1987 as a simple 8 bits per pixel bitmap image with a staggering 256 colour palette. Well, it was staggering back in the day at least.

New eCommerce Design Launched

Today sees the unveiling of a brand new eCommerce website design for Sheffield based  It's launch comes after two months of development and after what would turn out to be some 3,098 product combinations.

The world wide web will never catch on

It is such a shame that this spoof front page from The Sun isn't true... at least the date used, Monday, May 20, 1991 was genuine.