Project Brief

Hayley's website had been offline for quite sometime when she first got in touch. She approached us to secure her old domain name and set up a new server and hosting. But also, to come up with some ideas for her rebranding.

Hayley Griffiths Isometric Card


Hayley needed a new website, one which conveyed her amazing talents as a rock chick but also one which portrayed her classical soprano side. When we came up with the split-screen concept, we weren't even sure if such an ambitious design was possible!

That said, we're always looking for new challenges, even the tricky ones we create for ourselves. It's through this kind of original thinking where true creativity exists.


Hayley Griffiths Logo Design

Brand Guidelines

The brief for the logo was quite difficult, not only would this be used on the website, but it also had to be suitable for CD's and other merchandise. Dozens of different logo types and styles were created before this very simple, clean and elegant script was chosen.

  • Hemlock

    HEX: #6D6A46

  • Hillary

    HEX: #AAA56D

Web Design

The website brief was much easier to ascertain, "I'd like the website to look really high end, very visual but also very simple".

As alluded to earlier, the split screen concept really was quite a tricky design to pull-off. Several working designs were built, then tested, none quite really worked as we'd envisaged. After much deliberation and head scratching the website design you see today was carefully and methodically crafted.

Hayley Griffiths Macbook Mockup

Mobile Responsive Design

Unfortunately, the code used for the split-screen solution you can see on desktop and tablets, just isn't suitable for smaller handheld devices. Put simply, it just isn't supported, with that being the case we designed this perfectly scaled back version specifically for mobile.

The Solution

Creating a bespoke solution for small screens seemed the most logical idea. It's a shame the code used for the desktop site would never work on mobile. This scaled back design for mobile works pretty well.

  • Hayley Griffiths Mobile Web Design
  • Hayley Griffiths Mobile Web Design
  • Hayley Griffiths Mobile Web Design

Final Thoughts

Working on such talented musicians websites always feels like a busmans holiday for us. However complex and challenging the code behind the desktop site was, pulling off such a design was so rewarding.

Hayley Griffiths // Musical Artist

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with David from start to finish on my personal website. He has created a site so unique that has totally captured the brief and more! I am beyond thrilled with the result.

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