Project Brief

We were approached to redesign the Fisher Plastics website in 2019. Not only would we take the lead in the development of the new website design and build, but we were also tasked to migrate the website hosting to a new server.

Fisher Plastics Isometric Card


Fisher Plastics had a website in place that was built on a pretty basic WordPress theme. With it being an off-the-shelf theme, it really didn't sell Fisher Plastics as one of the leading plastic injection moulding manufacturers in the UK.

Working closely with another talented designer, liaising closely with one another, sharing thoughts and ideas, we set about designing a completely bespoke solution for the website, built primarily on the bootstrap framework and free from any bog standard WordPress themes.


Fisher Plastics Logo Design

Brand Guidelines

The branding was already well established, having been in place for many years, however, like most website builds, the design is very much dictated by the branding. We had our primary red and green colour palette, but we also added some colour variations to differentiate the main services.

  • Deep Fir

    HEX: #154722

  • Cinnabar

    HEX: #EE4037

  • Merlot

    HEX: #76353c

  • Dark Cerulean

    HEX: #02588b

  • Seance

    HEX: #5f3568

Web Design

Taking on the responsibility to design a website for a 65 year old company, a company at the very heart of Yorkshire manufacturing and leading the way in plastic injection moulding. Well, we are very lucky and I dare say honoured.

Producing a website design which not only looks professional, but one which also succeeds in promoting the services Fisher Plastics excels in, is something we are very proud to have been associated with. The site looks great, using a mixture of Roboto Slab and Montserrat font pairing coupled with strong imagery, often used in parallax sections breaking up the content, works really well with the overall web design aesthetic.

Fisher Plastics Macbook Mockup

Mobile Responsive Design

Perfectly crafted, mobile responsive design straight out the box. Designing on the bootstrap framework ensures all sites launched are mobile responsive and user friendly. We don't just limit ourselves to bootstrap either!

Website Design

The Fisher Plastics website design is a bespoke tailored solution, expertly crafted by two designers with over 40 years of experience between them. Such experience is evident if you head on over and take a look.

  • Fisher Plastics Mobile Web Design
  • Fisher Plastics Mobile Web Design
  • Fisher Plastics Mobile Web Design

Final Thoughts

It's always great to work with other designers, and the Fisher Plastics website design was no exception, working alongside others with the same focus and end goal in mind, is a genuinely rewarding experience.

Tony Pressley // Managing Director

Web design testimonial to follow.

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