Project Brief

We first worked on Katie Marshall's web design back in 2014, when Katie was just 13 and in the process of releasing her first extended play (EP) record. Since then we've been privileged to follow her musical journey and work with her management on various design projects.

Katie Marshall Isometric Card


The current web design is nothing at all like the original. The first web design was perfectly crafted to compliment the album cover design of Katie's first EP, but as Katie grew up and with the release of her album in 2018 so did the need for the web design.

We will have to write a blog post on the evolution of Katie's website as the first iteration enhanced the photos and album design perfectly, with the main focus being the user journey to the eCommerce side of the site facilitating the purchase of signed and unsigned copies of Katie's untitled debut EP.

EP Branding

Katie Marshall EP Logo Design

The debut EP used the gorgeous font Glamor Chic with it's lovely terminals. Although, 6 years later and we're still a little unsure of the unbalanced 's'?

EP Cover Design

Katie Marshall EP Design

Katie Marshall's debut EP (2014)

Album Cover Branding

Katie Marshall Album Branding Design

For Katie's 2018 album we helped come up with a more grown-up logo concept using Aparajita font paired with a muted grey colour palette.

Album Cover Design

Katie Marshall Album Cover Design

Brand Guidelines

Using the serif font for the new album is certainly a contrast to the one chosen for the debut EP. It's a much more elegant and grown-up font choice.

Also, could there be any greater disparity in choice of colour palette?

  • Persimmon

    HEX: #E85E17

  • Charcoal

    HEX: #494949

Web Design

Although perfectly crafted for her debut EP, that first web design just wouldn't have worked for the new album. With that in mind we set out to design a completely new bespoke web design for the new album with a lot of new features and custom code.

Starting from scratch we designed a brand new website design for the new album, tearing up the old design and working from the ground up. Based on the bootstrap framework we came up with a completely contrasting web design for the new album, a much more grown-up web design, coupled with custom coding solutions and integration with the payment gateway RomanCart for the eCommerce side of the site.

Katie Marhsall Macbook Mockup

Mobile Responsive Design

Being built on bootstrap, the mobile responsive design of Katie Marshall's web design looks even better than it does on larger screens. The monochrome black background with white text exudes a level of class that compliments the photography throughout.

Website Design

It's fair to say that design dpi will go out of it's way, to infinti and beyond, to fulfill our clients expectations, even to the detriment of the company. No matter as we will always aim to deliver 100% satisfaction.

  • Katie Marshall Mobile Web Design
  • Katie Marshall Mobile Web Design
  • Katie Marshall Mobile Web Design

Final Thoughts

Although the first web design was the perfect solution at the time, Katie's management never truly grasped the complexities of a new web design. That said, we never shied away from delivering a website they're happy with.

Katie Marshall // Soprano

Web design testimonial to follow.

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