Project Brief

Notice how cramped those Cat6a network cables look above? Well that's the problem Patchsave Solutions aim to fix by being the sole distributor of slim Cat6a patch cables in the UK. What better way to promote that fact than with a short animation and perfectly crafted microsite.

Small diameter Cat6a Isometric Card


The concept called for a short animation to extol the benefits of small diameter patch cables, one which would work in tandem with, and enrich the user experience on the microsite.

The idea behind the slim patch cables is simple, smaller diameter patch cables that allow more space and aid air flow inside overcrowded networking equipment. The animation and microsite needed to demonstrate this message effectively.


The short animation, 01:19 min, tells the story of our 'Tech Guru' looking worried as he approaches his server rack, LED's steadily flashing away, the mess of cables, all 100 of them each individually drawn on to the stage, portraying a server almost at breaking point.

Slim Cat6a Patch Cable Animation
Slim Cat6a Patch Cable Animation
Slim Cat6a Patch Cable Animation
Slim Cat6a Patch Cable Animation
Slim Cat6a Patch Cable Animation

The Story

Incorporating a Futura-esque geometric typeface for the computer monitor screen and straight up lifting the brand colour palette, a modern 'search page' is instantly recognisable. Our Tech Guru uses this display to search for a solution to his server rack cabinet woes, the results of which take him to the slim diameter Cat6a cable microsite.

  • Blue

    RGB: #4285F4

  • Red

    RGB: #DB4437

  • Yellow

    RGB: #F4B400

  • Green

    RGB: #0F9D58

The Bullet Time Effect

Sometimes, when it comes to suggesting ideas to our clients we should really reign ourselves in. Only joking of course! As we've said previously, it's through this original thinking where true creativity exists.

Patchsave wanted to compare the cables side by side in the animation, lengthways, and then also compare the RJ45 connectors, face on. So when we asked the innocent question of "shall we just cut from the side-by-side to the front aspect of the cables, or would you like a kind of Matrix effect"? As soon as the words left our mouth we already knew we'd be spending some time devising, planning and then perfecting a solution.

Russell Meehan // Commercial Director

Throughout the last 15 years we have worked very closely with design dpi. Initially this was around web design and print design as part of our setup but this quickly became a full eCommerce and marketing solution with regular monthly involvement. They have provided a definitive advantage in growing our online presence.

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