Project Brief

A few years ago we were approached by Frank Creative to take their wonderfully designed artwork for Emsleys Solicitors, mishandled personal injury claims marketing material and website, and to bring them to life through the creation of a short animation.

Review My Claim Isometric Card


Working closely with Frank Creative on the storyboard and the awesome artwork which they designed, made the whole project and animation process a pleasure to be a part of.

Working with such dedicated professionals makes our job so much easier, but the animation did come with its own set of pretty specific requirements which made it's production quite demanding. Fitting the duration of the animation in under 30 seconds, coupled with the pairing and timings of the voice over being shoe horned in to the fast paced clips, made for a challenging project.


The short animation, 00:30 sec, tells the story of four individuals who have each, for one reason or another, had their personal injury claims mishandled. The main purpose for this animation was depicting these stories swiftly and succinctly, with the obvious call to action at the end.

Review My Claim Animation
Review My Claim Animation
Review My Claim Animation
Review My Claim Animation
Review My Claim Animation

The Story

The main theme of the animation is to question if the audience is unhappy with their personal injury claim. Each scene of the animation asks a separate question, these roughly being, poor service, not enough compensation, mistakes made by the lawyers or lawyers who won't even take on the case. The animation depicts each tale of woe and conveys the message through these cleverly designed characters, informing the viewer that they can receive the compensation they deserve.

The Voiceover

It wasn't until surprisingly quite late on in the project, towards completion of the animation, that it was decided the animation would benefit from a voiceover. Indeed it did, and made for some pretty tricky adjustments being made to already tightly packed scenes of the animation to accommodate a voiceover.

The voiceover was recorded by none other than the legend of voiceovers, Derek Griffiths. With arrangements being made for the animation to be played in cinemas and the voiceover used for radio adverts, Derek Griffiths fitted the animation perfectly. It was our job, to edit and sync the audio, music and voice clips to the animation. I think we managed to pull it off?

Ian Durnham // Director at Frank Creative

Feedback from client - everything spot on. The 'bosses' at the law firm love it.

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