Project Brief

We've been looking after the Regen Physio website in one capacity or another since 2016. Originally this was mainly advice and search engine optimisation for a pretty old and creaky WordPress site. In 2019 it was ready for a timely web design overhaul and a complete fresh perspective of the business model.

Regen Physio Isometric Card


We'd already redesigned the website to the clients brief, and although it was a really nice site, perfectly crafted, it soon became apparent that the style and design wasn't befitting of an industry leading physiotherapist.

This time we were given free rein to redevelop and come up with our own ideas for the website design. Designing a brand new website more suitable and specifically tailored for a physiotherapy clinic, one which would convey the message of all their combined experience and expertise.


Regen Physio Logo Design

Brand Guidelines

Who doesn't love a logo with a nod to an old typewriters typeface (design dpi logo), similar in style to Courier's monospaced slab serif typeface? The font, paired with the old favourite, ubiquitous clinical blue colour palette works really well with the wave symbolising regeneration.

  • Prussian Blue

    HEX: #04385F

  • Summer Sky

    HEX: #1CAEDD

Web Design

As alluded to earlier, we had already designed a new website for Regen Physio earlier in the year. This design was quite well crafted, dark and moody, designed and visually appealing one page website design, created exactly to the clients specifications.

Only problem, it just didn't suit a clinical physiotherapist, it was more a muscle bound, athletic gym rat kind of design, so when we decided to go a completely different route, being given total autonomy to design and create the new website. That one page website design, turned into a behemoth, over 40+ pages, gorgeous, clinical, perfectly crafted website design, tailored specifically for a physiotherapist.

Regen Phyio Macbook Mockup

Mobile Responsive Design

The client was very conscious that their customers would be using mobiles when getting in touch and as such, as with any site we work on, mobile responsiveness was very much at the forefront of our mind when designing the new website.

Website Design

One thing we can't be accused of is not ever understanding the clients brief. We take great pride in the effort we place in totally immersing ourselves in the clients business to fulfill their creative brief.

  • Regen Physio Mobile Web Design
  • Regen Physio Mobile Web Design
  • Regen Physio Mobile Web Design
  • Regen Physio Mobile Web Design
  • Regen Physio Mobile Web Design

Final Thoughts

Whatever we work on whether that be a website design, print design or email marketing, rest assured we go all out and won't down tools until our clients are happy. Want to take a look at the first website redesign?

Jason Beaumont // CEO Regeneration Physiotherapy

We have now used design dpi for two websites, both of which were exceptional. The first was built in my vision, and David then delivered bringing my ideas to life. However, as a physiotherapist the site did not deliver our culture, and as such we did a redesign. David led on this and built what I would consider the greatest physiotherapy website on the internet today. He is extremely knowledgeable, helpful and actions on points quickly and effectively. I do recommend design dpi to anyone wanting a web developer! Sensational service.

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