Project Brief

We're really proud when we can say we've been working with Patchsave Solutions for over fifteen years. Like all our client relationships, we really do take great pride in nurturing and developing long lasting relationships.

Patchsave Solutions Isometric Card


Over the past fifteen years, the Patchsave Solutions website has undergone several transformations. We still have backups of each web design we've worked on dating back to 2003, so it might be a good idea to one day create a blog post showcasing each of the original web designs.

We're really fortunate to have such a forward thinking, and understanding client. There's no doubt at some times over the years, there's been all manner of trials thrown at the website. We've seen, and handled them all!


Patchsave Solutions Logo Design

Brand Guidelines

The main typeface is a fixed-pitch, monospaced font, ideal for IT related business, clear, crisp, concise. We originally worked on this logo design over fifteen years ago, but have been evolving and refining it ever so slightly over the years.

  • Nero

    HEX: #201F1F

  • Grey Suit

    HEX: #929297

  • Cinnabar

    HEX: #EE3224

Web Design

This latest web design for Patchsave Solutions was completed in 2018 after liaising closely with their new (at the time) Product Development Manager who had a pretty clear vision and intention for the website.

Having worked on the web design and a whole host of bespoke software development solutions over the years, this redesign specifically targeted the homepage in making it super easy for users out in the field to find products quickly while on-site, typically on smaller devices, so mobile responsive design was paramount.

Patchsave Solutions Macbook Mockup

Mobile Responsive Design

The Patchsave Solutions website for many, many years has been mobile responsive, but this updated design for the homepage has been designed specifically, with the help of Patchsave, for mobile first.

Website Design

It is very rare for a client to present their own wireframes for a project, but in this instance, that's exactly what happened. We then took their designs and evolved them.

  • Patchsave Solutions Mobile Web Design
  • Patchsave Solutions Mobile Web Design
  • Patchsave Solutions Mobile Web Design

Final Thoughts

We're very lucky to have such a great client. We've worked not only on numerous web design projects, but also print design, email marketing and just recently, animation!

Russell Meehan / Commercial Director

Throughout the last 15 years we have worked very closely with design dpi. Initially this was around web design and print design as part of our setup but this quickly became a full eCommerce and marketing solution with regular monthly involvement. They have provided a definitive advantage in growing our online presence.

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