Project Brief

It was in 2015 when we were initially approached to work on the Arena Stadia Seating website, taking on the roll of lead developer liaising with their in-house design and marketing team to realise and deliver a complete overhaul of the web design.

Arena Stadia Seating Isometric Card


The previous web design had a real old school feel to its design. Let's be honest, any site that was using Verdana as the primary font for the websites body has to be classed as old school. Ahhh, the golden years of web design when your go to fonts were, Arial, Tahoma and Verdana.

A very clear concept was created for the site, and at the time, the use of parallax scrolling for the content was a relatively new idea. The first time we were shown this effect out in the wild was on the Quark Express website, now it's safe to say it's use is ubiquitous.


Arena Stadia Seating Logo Design

Brand Guidelines

We didn't work on the logo, but we can admire the logo design. It perfectly captures the championing of British manufacturing and in using the shapely script font Aloho coupled with the sans-serif monoline typeface Variable all makes for a unique brand.

  • Fire Engine Red

    HEX: #E40D14

  • Sapphire

    HEX: #1B2B67

  • Nobel

    HEX: #9C9C9C

Web Design

This bespoke web design was aided by the fact that some really strong imagery was used in the parallax sections. Even the casual viewer would no doubt recognise the historic venues of Lord's, Old Trafford, Twickenham and Wimbledon.

Once the homepage had been built, most of the websites inner pages followed the same theme. Sticky header navigation bar, parallax header section, copy, parallax section, copy, repeat as required to the footer. The website code was written in such a way so that amends could be easily made by the in-house design team using Notepad++ or Sublime Text.

Patchsave Solutions Macbook Mockup

Mobile Responsive Design

Despite the parallax sections not being supported on phones and tablets, the Arena Stadia Seating website was designed to look awesome on all devices, whether desktop, tablet or mobile.

Website Design

The Arena Stadia Seating website despite being only 10 or so pages was a really interesting project to be a part of. It's safe to say you've probably sat on one of the Arena Stadia Seating at some point!

  • Arena Stadia Seating Mobile Web Design
  • Arena Stadia Seating Mobile Web Design
  • Arena Stadia Seating Mobile Web Design

Final Thoughts

On the back of the redesign for Arena Stadia Seating, we were soon tasked to come up with some concept designs for Arena's sister company, Metalliform Holdings. You can view that project here.

Della Perry / Marketing & Communications

Web design testimonial to follow.

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