Project Brief

As a new start up Caroline's brief was quite simple. She required a brand new identity creating for her Pilates classes to include logo design, business cards and flyers, but also a content managed website along with search engine optimisation (SEO).

Flexible Exercise Isometric Card


Whenever asked to design something, particularly for a fledgling new business. Achieving the right aesthetic for the company with its logo design is of greatest importance as this will ultimately dictate the rest of the design process.

Working closely with Caroline and before any work started on the print collateral, several logo concepts were created, developed and evolved, before one was finally chosen.


Flexible Exercise Logo Design

Brand Guidelines

The final logo design perfectly suits Flexible Exercise, working with the blue / grey colour palette we were given, the final colours chosen work well both online and offline. Looking at the logo, you instinctively know all you need to about the business.

  • Black Pearl

    HEX: #06192E

  • Summer Sky

    HEX: #2CAADF

Web Design

Caroline had a clear vision for her business and what she had in mind for the website design with it's look and feel.

Now as good as some stock photos are, their use can be ubiquitous across the web. So nothing can replace a clear concept from the client and a quality photographer.

We worked closely with Caroline throughout the photo shoot, even turning back the clock, stepping in to offer some *cough* modeling, being able to be thoroughly involved with the client during the entire project, from concept to realisation, is something we take get pride in delivering for all our clients. It's something we've come to call design to deliver.

Flexible Exercise Website

Mobile Responsive Design

Naturally, every website produced is mobile responsive out-the-box, we take special care testing every website launched on multiple devices, platforms and browsers.

Mobile First

The Flexible Exercise website is no exception. In some respects, this website was designed with mobile first in mind as Caroline, and her potential customers are invariably out on the road at locations all across South Yorkshire.

  • Flexible Exercise Mobile Web Design
  • Flexible Exercise Mobile Web Design
  • Flexible Exercise Mobile Web Design

Final Thoughts

It was and is a privilege to work with Caroline. The trust she placed in us to create her companies identity, and her vision to see where her website needed to go... we've helped design and source, business cards, flyers, email marketing, you get the idea.

Caroline Hopkins / Pilates Teacher

David at design dpi was instrumental in my new business start up a few years ago, from branding, logo design, to marketing materials and a website. I really don't know how I'd have done it without him. He's a true professional, reliable, creative and always available to share ideas and offer advice. As my business develops and changes, so have my requirements but I've been supported every step of the way. Thank you David!

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