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We're a Yorkshire Day Competition Winner!

Thanks to the lovely folk at Made In Yorkshire and their Yorkshire Day Giveaway, design dpi are the proud winners of a Yorkshire music bundle.


Guess Web Design for a Living Was Inevitable

It really is hard to believe that it has been over fifteen years since first beginning to design websites. Originally it was a part-time, sideline thing during the lunch hour while 'playing' with html and some very dodgy looking animated gif's. This healthy obsession with animated gif's by the way may become apparant up here on the blog.


Mobile Friendly Websites

For months there has been a steady increase in mobile users visiting design dpi.  Throughout 2011 a mere 6% of users were on a handheld device, last month this figure had risen to a staggering 32%, simply highlighting the importance of having a custom mobile friendly website design.


The Day Web Design Got Turned On Its Head

It was around the turn of the Millennium.  Having been designing websites for 3 years with a mixture of tools, for the latter part of 1999 the use of what was then called Macromedia Dreamweaver began to become standard.  It only took a matter of weeks to adopt the whole Macromedia family, Dreamweaver, Fireworks... and Flash!


Well, First of All Welcome to the Very First Blog Post

The intention for the first blog post was always planned to reiterate just how many years experience design dpi has under it's belt, by showcasing the very first website designed back in 1997.