Flexible Exercise Logo Design

July 2019 sees the long overdue relaunch of the design dpi website after the six year hiatus. With that in mind, I've also been coming up with ideas for future blog posts.

Considering the old site hadn't been updated in six years, I thought, what better way to showcase some of the work that never gets to see the light of day? Or work that has long since been forgotten about. Let's not forget I've been doing this 22 years.

In this example I'm going to showcase some logo designs which have only ever been shown to Caroline and her husband Lee at Flexible Exercise.

With any new client, especially one without a brand identity already. The design and concept stage is a critical moment in the timeline of the project, as the logo design will have such a big impact on the rest of the design process.

This is why I take the whole 'design to deliver' ethos so seriously, presenting several variations of logo design concepts, to cherry pick with the client face-to-face, then naturally evolving the logo over time.

Here are some of the logo design concepts presented to Caroline, back in 2016.

Which logo design would you have chosen?

Logo Design 01.

Flexible Exercise Logo Design 01
The very first logo design concept that came together. Interestingly the final font chosen was used in this first design.

Logo Design 02.

Flexible Exercise Logo Design 02
Like many of the logo designs, the typography is soft and rounded, but in this instance maybe too bold, even masculine?

Logo Design 03.

Flexible Exercise Logo Design 03
A variation on the first logo, but probably too 'rigid' and yoga orientated, it doesn't really say Pilates.

Logo Design 04.

Flexible Exercise Logo Design 04
A really simple, classy and modern logo design, it tells you everything you need to know about the business at first glance.

Logo Design 05.

Flexible Exercise Logo Design 05
A very, ever so subtle variation on the previous logo design. Yes, a very, very subtle difference to the previous one.

Logo Design 06.

Flexible Exercise Logo Design 06
I think my love for American sports and some previous logo designs I'd worked on for a Rugby League Academy came through here?

Logo Design 07.

Flexible Exercise Logo Design 07
OK, so I think we've found the typography we like? This uses the same heavier weight font, with a little design tweak.

Logo Design 08.

Flexible Exercise Logo Design 08
Very similar to the last logo design, but such subtle variations are necessary. Perhaps the silhouette might have been preferred with some other concept?

Logo Design 09.

Flexible Exercise Logo Design 09
Staying with the silhouette theme, and switching things up with different typography. I do think it's best to present as many variations as possible.

There you have it, all the initial logo design concepts first presented to Caroline and Lee.

What's really interesting, and perhaps this is just the inner geek in me speaking, but while looking through old backups for these original logo designs, in one of the layers in the Illustrator file, I just happened to spot this tiny little colour palette... the original colour scheme we matched against a running jacket Caroline was wearing the day of our first meeting.

  • Black Pearl

    HEX: #06192E

  • Astronaut

    HEX: #3C5179

  • Summer Sky

    HEX: #2CAADF

  • Fruit Salad

    HEX: #4DAD46

  • Heliotrope

    HEX: #DC73FF

Pretty neat, huh?

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